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Destroyer (Thor) Review

About Destroyer (Thor) Character Review

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The Destroyer is a fictional object that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The object first appears in Journey into Mystery (Jul. 1965) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Debuting in the Silver Age of Comic Books, the Destroyer is featured in over four decades of Marvel continuity and other Marvel-endorsed products such as animated television series; video games, and merchandise such as action figures and trading cards. Due to trademark issues, at least one toy version of this character is marketed as Marvel's Destroyer.

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Fictional History

The Destroyer is an enchanted suit of armor forged by Odin, and when it first appeared it was hinted that the Destroyer had been created as a weapon to face some dark menace from the stars. It is first seen residing in the Temple of Darkness in Asia. The Destroyer is used by Thor's arch-foe Loki on several occasions, and each time has actually come close to killing Thor. First, it was used by a hunter whom Loki had lured to the temple using his mental powers. At one point Thor was imprisoned in the ground, but Loki saved him by making him intangible briefly before the Destroyer could strike him with an elemental transmution beam. Thor forced the hunter to return by using his body as a shield before it could fire at him, then burying the Destroyer under thousands of tons of rock when the hunter tried to return to it.It is next salvaged by Karnilla and animated by Sif, who attempted to use it to battle the Wrecker when Thor was temporarily deprived of his godhood and all his powers but his strength by Odin as a lesson, only for the Destroyer to proceed to attack Thor before Sif broke her connection with it.At one stage Thor offers the armor to the World Devourer Galactus, in exchange for the release of Galactus' current Herald, Firelord.Galactus accepts, and the Destroyer acts as his Herald, detecting Counter-Earth for him and going on to battle the Fantastic Fouruntil finally recaptured for reuse by Loki.

Years later the menace from the stars is revealed to be the Celestials, with the Skyfather gods (e.g., Odin; Zeus etc.) having pooled their resources a millennium before to create a weapon to stop the arrival of the so-called Fourth Host of Celestials. At the penultimate moment, Odin enters the Destroyer armor and then absorbs the life essences of all present in Asgard (with the exception of absent Thor), growing to a height of 2,000 feet (610 m). The Destroyer then draws the Odinsword, and together with the Uni-Mind confronts the Fourth Host, who dissipate the Uni-Mind and melt the Destroyer armor into slag, scattering the life-forces of the Asgardians.The Asgardians were later revived by Thor gathering power from the other Skyfathers. The armor, however, is not completely ruined and several years later Loki reforms the armor in a bid to destroy a severely weakened Thor, who has been reduced to pulp after killing the Midgard Serpent due to a curse by Hela which made his bones brittle and made him incapable of healing or dying.Thor, however, wrests control of the armor from the host - an enthralled Frost Giant named Siggorth - through sheer force of will and goes on to defeat Loki. The Destroyer tries to take control of him but fails - depicted as thinking and speaking for the very first time. Then the death goddess Hela is defeated by the Destroyer - attired in Thor's raiment and wielding his hammer - attacking her realm, forcing her to restore Thor to his true form and undo the curse that left him in such a dire condition.The Destroyer is left in a crystal in Hela's realm, and is eventually animated by the goddess Lorelei. Lorelei battles several Asgardians and becomes trapped in the dimension of the Great Beasts.

The Destroyer is later deployed by trolls, who empower it with the spirit of the Maestro, an evil future version of the Hulk. Although the Hulk fails to defeat the Destroyer in combat, he is able to enter the Destroyer because he and the Maestro are the same spirit, allowing him to fight the Maestro for control and defeat it from within.Thor has two more encounters with the Destroyer, with the armor almost killing him on the first occasion and breaking his jaw on the second.The armor is eventually retrieved by Loki and occupied by the entity Desak, although Thor - equipped with the Odinpower - decapitates it with one throw of Mjolnir.

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The armor was later under the control of the god Balder when Thor was on a quest to locate his missing brethren, the Asgardians.Doctor Doom takes possession of the Destroyer armor and uses a copy of the Destroyer armor to attack the Asgardians. 

Powers and Abilities (Destroyer)

Although the Destroyer can act independently for brief periods,in general the construct is lifeless until animated by the life-force of a sentient living being. When so animated, the Destroyer retains a rudimentary base personality that will eventually subvert the host unless that host is a particularly strong-willed individual, such as Thor or Loki.Odin is also able to cast a spell that can force the animating persona from the armor and deactivate it. Once animated, the Destroyer has enormous physical strength and seems to be indestructible. The Destroyer has withstood a million tons of pressure without even falling over;while the near-omnipotent Celestials were able to melt the construct with energy blasts,its melted form was later easily reanimated to its original state.The automaton can project blasts of energy/heat/concussive force, emit a disintegration beam via its visor, and manipulate electro-magnetism and molecules allowing it to turn solid stone to lava (for example) and to fly.

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