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Elixir Character Review

Elixir Character Review

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Elixir (Joshua "Josh" Foley), is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe and a student at the Xavier Institute. He first appeared in New Mutants, and he is one of only a few students to retain his powers in the wake of House of M. (More about Elixir Character Review..Keep reading !)

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Powers and Abilities (Elixir)

Elixir is an Omega-level mutant, capable of controlling the biological structure of any organic matter including his own body. He is still inexperienced in the use of his powers, and the limits of his abilities are unknown. He must be in close proximity to whomever he heals, but can heal through clothing.

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Initially, all Josh could do was heal cuts and wounds. At one point, he also restored Wolfsbane's mutation. Sometime later, the Stepford Cuckoos telepathically copied and transferred all the information that Beast knew about anatomy, biology, and genetics into Josh's mind. This essentially gave him all that he needs to know to fully utilize his Omega-level biological powers. He demonstrates his new power by healing David's vision so he doesn't need eyeglasses, rebuilds David's ripped heart and boosted Laura's healing factor to save her from dying again.

Elixir has displayed the ability to harm as well as heal, such as causing painful boils and welts to appear on the flesh of his enemies. He even used his powers to kill William Stryker, although the resulting feedback also altered his own body and brain; Prodigy hypothesizes that he was never meant to use his powers in this manner. When channeling his powers in harmful ways, Elixir's skin turns from its usual gold, to metallic black. According to Wolverine, when Elixir used his abilities to kill Wither, he found it hard to revert back to his gold form.

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During his time with X-Force, Elixir has demonstrated increased mastery of his powers: he is capable of sedating an enraged Wolfsbane, cleaning her body of drugs, granting himself and Archangel a healing factor and curing people of the Legacy Virus. His control over his abilities is now so refined that he was not only capable of giving Vanisher a brain tumor, but even of shaping it into the X-Men logo.

Because of his control over his own biology, Elixir has proven to be very difficult to treat medically. He usually passes out after pushing his powers too far and remains in a coma for some time. Doctor Nemesis guessed that during these times, his DNA reboots itself.

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