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Emma Frost Character Review

Emma Frost Character Review

Emma Frost Character Review - 1

Emma Grace Frost is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men (January 1980), and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne.

An urbane, mutant telepath with a well-noted dry wit initially known as the White Queen, Frost has evolved from one of the X-Men's most dangerous foes to one of its most central members and leaders. The character placed #30 as Marvel's highest ranking female on Empire's Top 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters in 2008 and took 69th place on Wizard’s 200 Greatest Characters of All Time List in 2008,  ranking ahead of other X-Men with more extensive histories. She was ranked fifth in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.

Actress January Jones portrays the character in the 2011 film X-Men: First Class.

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Powers and Abilities (Emma Frost) 

Emma Frost is a mutant of enormous telepathic ability, and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability which suppresses her telepathy.


Since her introduction, Emma Frost's primary mutant power has been telepathy. She is capable of extraordinary psionic feats, including the telepathic standards of: broadcasting and receiving thoughts, mind-control, altering perceptions and memories, psychic shielding, astral projection, mind switching, brain engram modification, mental sedation, induction of mental pain via touch. 

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She is also able to boost or activate a mutant's powers through access of their brain's neurological pathways, and can communicate across global distances unaided. The exact level of her telepathic power has varied depending on writers and has ranged from weaker than other prominent telepaths to rivaling the abilities of Charles Xavier himself. She has also been referred to as a "psi of the highest order," been ranked among the five most skilled telepaths on the planet, and has demonstrated the ability to overcome more powerful telepaths, such as Nate Grey, or Rachel Summers, through greater experience and skill. Later, under the writing of Matt Fraction, Emma was classified as an "omega-class" telepath".

Diamond form

At the moment of the destruction of Genosha, Frost manifested a secondary mutation giving her the ability to transform her body into organic diamond. In this form, Frost is translucent and retains mobility while being almost invulnerable, and able to support incredible amounts of weight, though different writers have shown varying accounts of her strength. Her diamond form was at least strong enough for her to tear out of bonds and, in a single punch, send Lady Mastermind soaring across a room and straight through a wall. 

Emma's diamond body is virtually tireless as she does not produce fatigue poisons and has no need for water nor food. She is also numbed from emotion, pain and empathy, impervious to cold, and resistant to heat in this form. Despite this high level of invulnerability, her diamond form has a single molecular flaw, which if exploited – such as being shot with a diamond bullet – can cause her body to shatter. Though the exact location of the flaw in her diamond body has not been stated outright, clues point to it being located in between her eyes.

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Frost's full range of abilities between her diamond state and regular form have been inconsistent; however, later occurrences depict that Frost cannot access her psychic powers in diamond form, explained by different writers as either a distinct genetic flaw or suppression by her diamond form's adamantine luster. Depictions have also stated that Emma has a degree of telepathic immunity while in diamond form, though the extent of this immunity has been portrayed inconsistently as well, ranging from total shielding from psychic invasion to vulnerability to psychic attack. Her diamond form is also stated to emit low-level ultraviolet light, causing it to glow in darkness.

Innate traits and expertise 

Frost has a gifted intellect with college degrees in multiple fields, including a Bachelors of Science in Education with a minor in Business Administration from the prominent Marvel Universe's Empire State University. A superb businesswoman, Emma Frost for many years was founder and CEO of Frost Enterprises, a major multinational conglomerate headquartered in New York City that rivaled Stark Enterprises and Worthington Industries and specialized in shipping, aerospace engineering and new technology R&D.

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Frost is also a highly capable planner, an electronics expert, and can invent machines that grant various psionic abilities, such as "Multivac", a mutant locater capable of monitoring the psionic levels of mutants; the "Hallucinator" used to induce hypnotic hallucinations to brainwash others; the gun-like device that enabled her to exchange minds and powers with Storm; and the Mindtap mechanism which enhanced and enabled her Hellfire cohort Mastermind to project his illusions directly into the mind of the Phoenix.

Telekinetic potential

On occasion, it has been hinted that Frost is also a latent telekinetic. Jean Grey's displaced psyche was able to use Frost's brain to generate a telekinetic force field and fly, while it inhabited the White Queen's body. However, Xavier clearly states that Jean's transference was so complete that she was able to also transfer her telekinesis which is why he was in awe of the feat Jean accomplished. During the Onslaught Saga, Frost unwittingly levitated several kitchen utensils while having a bad dream. During this time Onslaught and Nate Grey caused separate and massive damage to the astral plane causing many psi talents to act unpredictably.

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When the mutant Synch "synched" with Frost's powers, he was able to use them to levitate several objects and individuals in the room. This phenomenon is then referred to as telekinesis and credited to Frost's psi powers. Synch made reference in this issue to Emma's telepathy being affected by whatever mysterious energy the twins gave off, the same energies that protected them from being affected by the telekinetic display.

In Other Media (Film/Movie)

  • Emma Frost appears in the 1996 live-action television movie called Generation X portrayed by Finola Hughes.
  • When Bryan Singer was still slated to direct X-Men: The Last Stand, the role of Emma Frost was intended for Sigourney Weaver. After Singer left the project in favor of making Superman Returns, the character was dropped completely.
  • In 2006, a movie based on Emma Frost was being considered with director David O. Russell as a potential spin-off from the X-Men movie franchise.
  • A character similar to Emma Frost appears in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, portrayed by Tahyna Tozzi. She has the ability to change into a diamond form but does not display telepathy. In the film, she is held hostage by William Stryker, who blackmails her sister Kayla into working for him as part of his plan to manipulate Wolverine. A fake murder by Sabretooth is staged, which serves as the driving force of the film's plot. Before the film's release, rumors stated that actor Hugh Jackman identified the character as Emma Frost in the film's trailer at Comic-Con 2008, though no such identification was made. The character's identification was later supported by a Marvel article released on their official website and in commercial trailers; however she is unnamed in dialogue, and listed only as "Kayla's sister" in the film's credits. Following the appearance of the character in X-Men: First Class, a film set years before the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this version is no longer considered Emma Frost within the film series canon.
  • January Jones plays Emma Frost/The White Queen as the secondary antagonist in X-Men: First Class, released by Fox on June 3, 2011. She is a powerful telepath, and the consort of Sebastian Shaw, the villainous leader of the Hellfire Club who seeks to start a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and United States. This would eradicate all non-mutant life and mutate any survivors, leaving the Hellfire Club to rule over this new world order. Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, and their team of teenage mutants thwart their plan, and Emma is incarcerated, though she is freed by Lehnsherr, who is now known as Magneto, at the end of the film. In this film, she is able to completely block Xavier from using his telepathy on her and Shaw, create illusions, perform mental torture, as well as sense the initial activation of Cerebro from thousands of miles away. While in diamond form, she shows absolute immunity towards psychic attack and has enhanced strength and durability, able to easily cut through glass and glacial ice and punch Magneto off a boat and into the sea.

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