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Havok Character Review

Havok Character Review

Havok Character Review - 1

Havok (Alexander "Alex" Summers) is a fictional character, a mutant superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe and member of the X-Men. He first appears in Uncanny X-Men (March 1969), and was created by Arnold Drake, Don Heck and Neal Adams. Havok generates powerful “plasma blasts”, an ability he has had difficulty controlling. He is the son of Corsair, the younger brother of the X-Men's Cyclops, and the older brother of Vulcan. He often resents Cyclops' authoritative attitude and reputation as a model X-Man.

In contrast, Havok and his longtime love interest Polaris have had a love/hate relationship with the team, often finding themselves roped into it. Both were also members of the 1990s-era Pentagon-sponsored mutant team X-Factor. After X-Factor disbanded, Havok starred in Mutant X, a series in which he explored a strange alternate reality. He has since returned to the X-Men, later taking over his father's role as leader of the Starjammers to bring Vulcan's reign over the Shi'ar to an end. Lucas Till played Havok, as a member of the X-Men, in 2011's superhero film X-Men: First Class..(More about Havok Character Review..Keep reading !)

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Powers and Abilities (Havok)

Havok is a mutant possessing the power to absorb ambient cosmic energy, process it and emanate it from his body as waves of energy that heat the air in the path, turning it into plasma in the form of a blast or discharge, with a tell-tale concentric circle pattern. These waves will emanate from his body in all directions unless he purposefully tries to channel them in a single direction, usually along the length of his arms. This results in control over an extremely powerful sort of destructive force. He is immune to the adverse effects of most forms of radiation and heat. In the past, he was not entirely able to control this ability, which made him a danger to those around him unless he wore a special containment suit equipped with special sensors for measuring and controlling his power output. Havok is immune to his own powers and to those of his brother Scott. He is resistant but not immune to Vulcan's powers.

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Despite past accounts, the energy that Havok releases is not truly a concussive force. When Havok strikes an object with hot plasma, the sudden temperature jump often causes objects to shatter or disintegrate. Should Havok direct his energy at the lowest level, he can project it towards a human being and his target will suffer a severe headache, but will not burn up. He can absorb cosmic energy from his environment (such as starlight, x-rays, and gamma radiation) and store them in his cells, metabolizing the energy to generate plasma wave discharges that super-heat and disintegrate objects. His absorption is normally passive, but he has shown that he can actively drain and absorb energy as well.

Havok's body is constantly absorbing cosmic radiation. When his body reaches its capacity, excess energy is then immediately re-emitted in negligible quantities. The circle on his chest is an indicator as how much energy he has left. Upon the expenditure of all his available energy, it takes Havok about 17 hours to recharge to peak level. The concentration involved in releasing his energy in focused beams is exhausting for Havok, especially if he does it over an extended period.

Havok has the normal human strength, height, and build of a man who engages in intensive regular exercise. Havok is well-educated in the field of geophysical science where he has earned a masters degree and completed some doctoral work, and he has been trained in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts by Wolverine

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He is an instinctive tactician and strategist. It was also revealed, in the Mutant X and Exiles books that his body and mind were a nexus for all other Alex Summers in other realities and his very existence is sort of a "back door" to the others. This revelation caused the problem in the Uncanny X-Men and Exiles crossover. Not much more is known about his multidimensional status.

In Other Media (film/movie)

Actor Lucas Till played Havok in X-Men: First Class According to executive producer Bryan Singer, Havok was not portrayed as Cyclops' brother in the film, but "somehow [was] related to him in a way that works for the film." Initially having trouble controlling the energy bursts he releases as part of his powers, Alex eventually manages to focus his abilities thanks to equipment developed by Professor X and Hank McCoy.

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