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Kimura Character Review

Kimura Character Review

Kimura Character Review - 1

Kimura is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. She first appeared in New X-Men as the handler of X-23. She is X-23's greatest foe to date, someone she was never able to defeat in many ways echoing Wolverine's relationship with Sabretooth (More about Kimura Character Review..Keep reading !).

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Fictional Character Biography

Origin - Kimura was born to an abusive alcoholic father and a negligent mother. Her life at home also mimicked her life at school, where she was also abused and tormented by her peers. Through unspecified means and at some point in time, Kimura's grandmother became her caregiver. At once, her grandmother tried to heal the emotional damage inflicted upon Kimura through nurturing, love, and understanding. However, by that point in time the emotional scars were permanent and her grandmother's attempts to reach her were futile. After her grandmother's fatal heart attack, Kimura took off, eventually coming into contact with the Facility. She then underwent some unspecified procedure that granted her physical invulnerability, density control, and reconstruction. She then exacted revenge against those in her past who had wronged her. During her time at the Facility, Kimura eventually assumed the same abusive role as the people who victimized her in the past, particularly to Laura (X-23).

The Facility - As an agent of the Facility, Kimura became X-23’s handler. She abused X-23, finding any excuse to bully her, regardless of whether X-23 failed or not. After X-23 escaped the Facility, Kimura made it her duty to track down X-23, bring her back to the Facility, and kill anyone X-23 has come in contact with.

Kimura Character Review - Vs X-23
 She eventually tracks X-23 to San Francisco, where Laura is living with her Aunt Debbie and her cousin Megan. During a raid on Debbie’s house, Kimura breaks X-23’s neck. She then uses adamantium handcuffs to handcuff herself to Laura and drags her downstairs to Debbie and Megan where she threatens and begins to put her finger through Megans heart. Laura recovers from her injuries, cuts off her own hand and handcuffs Kimura to a pipe. Laura tells Megan and Debbie to get her duffel bag and take what they absolutely need and that they have 3 minutes to leave the house. Laura reattaches her hand while Kimura says that everyone she loves will die and that she will be the one who kills them. Laura cuts open a gas pipe and turns on the light, causing an explosion..
X-Force - Kimura returns after H.A.M.M.E.R. captures X-23 and bring her back to the Facility. Her brutality only seems to have increased as she cuts off Laura's arm with a small chainsaw for "being a bad girl". X-23 manages to escape, causing Kimura to become enraged. Kimura threatens to find Laura's Aunt and cousin Megan to kill them for retaliation..

Powers and Abilities (Kimura)

Being X-23's handler, she has indestructible skin, strong enough to withstand anything from grenade blasts to adamantium blades. She is also highly skilled in armed and unarmed combat. Kimura's superhuman abilities enable her to be X-23's "counter"; the Sabretooth to X-23's Wolverine. These abilities were given to her sometime after joining the Facility, an offshoot of the Weapon X Program.

Kimura Character Review - Kimura Pose

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