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Rocket Raccoon Character Review

Rocket Raccoon Character Review

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Rocket Raccoon is a fictional Character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Keith Giffen, the character first appeared in Marvel Preview (Summer 1976). He is an intelligent, anthropomorphic raccoon, who is an expert marksman and master tactician.

Rocket Raccoon appeared as a prominent member in the 2008 relaunch of the superhero team Guardians of the Galaxy. The character has appeared in several media adaptations as a member of that team, including animated television series, toys, and video games. He is set to appear in the 2014 live-action film Guardians of the Galaxy...More about Rocket Raccoon Character Review...Keep Reading !!

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Powers and Abilities (Rocket Raccoon)

Rocket Raccoon possesses the normal attributes of an Earth raccoon, including speed (which has been additionally amplified by his training) an acute sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch. He is an accomplished starship pilot, an excellent marksman with the two laser pistols he carries as well as having an affinity for heavy weapons. He's also an excellent military tactician and leader, attributes that help him take charge of the Guardians of the Galaxy when Starlord is unavailable...

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In Other Media (Film/Movie)

Rocket Raccoon will appear in the live-action Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy, which is set for an August 1, 2014 release...

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