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Thanos Character Review

Thanos Character Review

Thanos Character Review (Scary Face)

Thanos is a fictional Character appearing in comic books and other media published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Iron Man (Feb. 1973) and was created by writer-artist Jim Starlin. Debuting in the Bronze Age of Comic Books, the character has been featured in over three decades of Marvel continuity and a self-titled series. The character's name is a derivation of Thanatos, the personification of death and mortality in Greek mythology. Thanos has appeared in other Marvel-endorsed products, including animated television series, arcade and video games, film, toys, and trading cards.

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Origin (Thanos)

Writer-artist Jim Starlin originally conceived of Thanos of Titan during college psychology classes. As Starlin described:

" I went to college between doing U.S. military service and getting work in comics, and there was a psych class and I came up with Thanos ... and Drax the Destroyer, but I'm not sure how he fit into it, just anger management probably. So I came up to Marvel and [editor] Roy [Thomas] asked if I wanted to do an issue of Iron Man. I felt that this may be my only chance ever to do a character, not having the confidence that my career was going to last anything longer than a few weeks. So they got jammed into it. Thanos was a much thinner character and Roy suggested beefing him up, so he's beefed up quite a bit from his original sketches ... and later on I liked beefing him up so much that he continued to grow in size..."

Thanos Character Review (Vs Drax the Destroyer)

Starlin has admitted the character is influenced by Jack Kirby's Darkseid:

" Kirby had done the New Gods, which I thought was terrific. He was over at DC at the time. I came up with some things that were inspired by that. You'd think that Thanos was inspired by Darkseid, but that was not the case when I showed up. In my first Thanos drawings, if he looked like anybody, it was Metron. I had all these different gods and things I wanted to do, which became Thanos and the Titans. Roy took one look at the guy in the Metron-like chair and said : "Beef him up! If you're going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one...!"

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Powers and Abilities 

Thanos is a mutant member of the race of superhumans known as the Titanian Eternals. The character possesses abilities common to the Eternals, but amplified to a higher degree through a combination of his mutant Eternal heritage, bionic amplification, mysticism, and the entity Death. Demonstrating enormous superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, Thanos can absorb and project vast quantities of cosmic energy and is capable of telekinesis, telepathy and matter manipulation. Thanos is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained in the art of war on Titan.

Thanos Character Review - 1

Thanos is a genius in virtually all known fields of advanced science and has created technology far exceeding contemporary Earth science. He often employs a transportation chair capable of space flight, force field projection, teleportation, time travel and movement through alternate universes. Thanos is also a master strategist and uses a space vessel called Sanctuary II as a base of operations.

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In Other Media (Film/Movie)  

Thanos makes a brief appearance during the closing credits of the 2012 film The Avengers, and is portrayed by actor Damion Poitier. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said that there are plans to include the character in future films. In September 2012, it was confirmed that Thanos will appear in upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film and the 2015 untitled Avengers sequel.

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