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Abomination Character Review (Marvel Comics)

Abomination Character Review (Marvel Comics)

Abomination Character Review (Marvel Comics)

The Abomination (Russian: Мерзость, M'erzost') (Emil Blonsky, Эмиль Блонски) is a fictional Character, a supervillain that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Tales to Astonish (April 1967), and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gil Kane. Debuting in the Silver Age of Comic Books, the character of the Abomination has featured in other Marvel-endorsed products such as arcade and video games, animated television series, merchandise such as action figures and trading cards, and the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk...More about Abomination Character Review (Marvel Comics) - keep reading !!

Abomination Character Review (Marvel Comics) - Abomination Vs Hulk

 In 2009, the Abomination was ranked as IGN's 54th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

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Powers and Abilities (Abomination)

The Abomination is similar to the Hulk in terms of strength, stamina, speed, durability, and ability to regenerate. In contrast with the Hulk, he retains his intellect after transforming, and cannot change back into human form. He also possesses gills, enabling underwater breathing; and, he can enter a state of suspended animation when bereft of oxygen for long periods. Originally, the Abomination is twice as strong as the Hulk, but unlike the Hulk his strength does not increase/decrease in proportion to level of anger, with the result that the Hulk is able to gain an advantage over Blonsky if the fight takes a sufficient amount of time for his anger to increase.

Abomination Character Review (Marvel Comics) - 2

After being further empowered by Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Abomination is considerably larger than before, can project hellfire and is strong enough to rip off the shell of his successor A-Bomb (something which the Red Hulk had previously been unable to do).

In Other Media (Film/Movie)

  • Emil Blonsky and the Abomination appear in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk, played by Tim Roth. He also supplied motion capture and voice effects for the Abomination, which is digitally enhanced. In the film, Blonsky is a Russian-born captain in the British Royal Marines, on loan to the US Armed Forces in its efforts to recapture Bruce Banner. Obsessed with obtaining the Hulk's power for himself, he receives an experimental serum derived from the Super Soldier serum, which combined with gamma radiation transforms him into the Abomination.
  • A shot of the Abomination rampaging through Harlem from the film is reused in the Marvel One-Shot "The Consultant".

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