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Blackheart Character Review

Blackheart Character Review

Blackheart Character Review

Blackheart is a fictional demon (Character) in the Marvel Comics Universe. In the 2007 film Ghost Rider Blackheart is portrayed by actor Wes Bentley and took the role of the main antagonist...More about Blackheart Character Review - keep reading !!

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Powers and Abilities (Blackheart)

Blackheart is a powerful demon created by Mephisto, possibly from the essence of Darkforce. He possesses vast inherent supernatural powers, including superhuman strength, speed, and endurance which are magical in nature. He also has telekinetic and telepathic powers, and can levitate, teleport inter-dimensionally, change his size and physical form, enter and leave different planes of existence and dimensions at will, heal himself at the sub-molecular level, and has the ability to generate various forms of energies for destructive purposes such as powerful concussive blasts of black energy.

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He also possesses very high intelligence. Blackheart has demonstrated the ability to call forth armies from the pits of hell. He has also shown his telekinetic powers by ripping an entire planet apart by the force of will. He can teleport himself and others to the Darkforce Dimension where he is at his strongest. He has no soul.

In Other Media (Film/Movie)

In the 2007 film Ghost Rider, Blackheart is portrayed by Wes Bentley as the main antagonist, alongside his father Mephisto. Unlike his comic book-counterpart, in which he is a large black-skinned demon with quills on his head, a tail and red eyes, in the film Blackheart assumes his human form, with pale white skin and black hair, though at many points in the film, he briefly shows his demonic facial features (having black eyes and large fangs). Despite having many presumed supernatural powers, he mainly uses his hands to kill people with a 'lethal touch', its effects having the characteristics of sulfur poisoning, (hellfire). He also reveals the ability to sense people by 'smelling' their fear. Though he has all of his father's powers, Blackheart is unaffected by anything holy, as he entered both a church and later sacred funeral ground, allegedly due to him having been 'born' in Hell and hence never having fallen from Heaven in the first place. He is immune to the Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, as he has "no soul to burn". At the end of the film, when he becomes Legion, his skin turns dark bluish with red eyes and his powers are greatly enhanced, becoming nearly invincible with the ability to regenerate from even being blown to pieces. Blackheart first appears in the film, searching for the Three Fallen Angels a.k.a. "The Elementals" (a.k.a., "The Hidden"), Abigor (Wind Demon), Wallow (Water Demon) and Gressil (Earth Demon), in a bar, where he kills all the humans. He aligns The Hidden with him on a quest to obtain the contract of San Venganza (that allows the user access to the power of a thousand evil souls). But when Mephisto finds out about his son's search for the contract, he forces Johnny Blaze to serve his purpose as his Ghost Rider to track down and kill Blackheart and his minions. The Rider overcome each of the Hidden by attacking the element they each hide in with his 'fire element'. First he kills Grissel (by baking him) at an empty train station, and then kills Abigor (by using his chain to create a fiery tornado which sucks Abigor inside, superheats the air and disperses him) on top of a building. However, when Blackheart killed Johnny's manager/friend Mack and kidnapped Roxanne Simpson, Johnny was forced to travel to San Venganza to give him the contract. By the time he arrived, the sun rose within minutes of the ensuing struggle, Blaze having been ambushed by Wallow outside the town (whom he killed under water by boiling the lake).

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Once gaining the contract, Blackheart calls for all one thousand cursed souls to enter his body, taking on the name of Legion, proving powerful enough to pull himself back together even after being shot apart by a Hellfire-enhanced shotgun. However, Blaze took advantage of this, as Blackheart/Legion was now vulnerable to the Penance Stare a thousandfold due to the souls he had absorbed. Mephisto took Blackheart's lifeless, soulless body presumably back to Hell.

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