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Blob (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Blob (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Blob (Marvel Comics) Character Review

The Blob (Frederick J. Dukes) is a Marvel Comics supervillain (Character), an adversary of the X-Men. A mutant originally depicted as an obese circus freak, the Blob claims to be immovable. He possesses an extreme amount of pliable body mass, which grants him superhuman strength and his own gravitational pull. Possessing the mindset of a bully, he mostly uses his powers for petty crime and as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants and Freedom Force. More about Blob (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Keep reading !!

He is one of the most prominent, long-running mutants to be depowered as a result of the Decimation storyline. The Blob appears in the 2009 superhero film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he is played by actor Kevin Durand.

Fictional Character Biography

Born in Lubbock, Texas, Fred J. Dukes starts out as a member of a circus sideshow under the name "the Blob". He is detected and contacted by Charles Xavier via Cyclops, who sees his performance and tells him that he (Dukes) is a mutant, and asks him to join the X-Men. At the mansion, the other X-Men dislike Dukes for his obnoxious attitude. Ice-Man uses his power against Dukes to create an ice block round his foot, but the Blob easily escapes. The Blob refuses Xavier's invitation, saying he is better than the other X-Men. When Xavier tries erasing his mind of what has transpired, the Blob escapes the Mansion despite the efforts of the Beast and uses the sewer to get away without being followed. He tells the manager of the carnival he is taking over, then gathers up the other circus members and they attack the mansion, as he plans to get the X-Men's technology and take over the world.

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Meanwhile Xavier works on a device so he can erase the memories of many people. The carnival succeeds in defeating the X-Men despite a warning from Angel. They tie up the X-Men and leave them on the lawn. They then enter the mansion to find the Professor and his technology. Xavier telepathically contacts Marvel Girl and tells her to remove her blindfold using her telekinesis, then levitate a knife from a performer's tent to cut through her bonds, after which she frees the other members. Xavier is able to wipe everyone's minds after the carnival is stopped by a wall of ice, and the Blob goes back to the circus.

Powers and Abilities (Blob)

Before being depowered, the Blob's mutant physiology granted him a number of advantages. He had superhuman strength, endurance, and great resistance to physical injury due to a further mutation. The Blob's elastic, blubbery skin proved to be difficult to penetrate by gunfire, missiles, and even Wolverine's claws; though with sufficient force and a favorable angle, the claws can lacerate his flesh. For instance, Blob once sat on the X-Man, but was forced to jump off in pain when Wolverine managed to extend his sheathed claws into his rear. On one occasion, a concentrated optic blast fired by Cyclops was sufficient to puncture a hole through his shoulder, much to the shock of Dukes himself. The magic swords of both Black Raazer and the Arabian Knight were able to harm him.

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He could also alter his personal mono-directional gravity field beneath himself to make himself virtually immovable as long as he was in contact with the ground, although an incredible force can uproot him, along with a chunk of whatever he is standing on. The only beings on record to have been able to move the Blob against his wishes are the Hulk, Juggernaut, and Strong Guy (powered-up near his limit by absorbing kinetic energy), although Colossus has managed to lift Dukes by digging underground and raising the piece of earth Dukes stands on, stating this as an exception to his immovability. Magneto once was able to do the same by lifting the groud under the Blob's feet via metal pipes. Despite his appearance, the Blob's speed and agility are those of a fairly athletic male of normal stature, a fact which frequently catches his opponents by surprise.

The Blob's superhuman strength greatly increased over the years, in a manner similar to that of the Thing. This improvement is said to be a result of his ongoing mutation.

The Blob is vulnerable to attacks directed at his face, as his eyes, nose, mouth and ears do not have the same protection as the rest of his body. Dukes is also susceptible to psionic attacks and psychic manipulation, and he can be incapacitated by sensory assaults; for example, Banshee was able to render Blob unconscious solely through the use of his sonic scream. On another occasion, Sleepwalker defeated the Blob by using warp beams to wrap a steel girder around the villain, crushing his blubber and causing him great physical pain. The Hulk once took the opposite approach, harming the Blob by grabbing and stretching his flab. While he is all but invulnerable to direct kinetic attacks, such as punches, kicks or gunshots, he is susceptible to concussions and other harm resulting from sufficiently powerful impacts, as Daredevil knocked him out by luring him underneath a massive bell and then having it dropped on him with the aid of a young female mutant.

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Dukes can be incapacitated by drinking alcohol, although due to his immense mass, a large amount of alcohol is required.

In Other Media (Film/Movie)

  • The Blob was originally supposed to appear in the first X-Men movie, but didn't make it off the concept page. A hidden easter egg on the first X-Men DVD release (not X-Men 1.5) shows concept art of the Blob & Beast. In the 2003 film X2: X-Men United, the name "Dukes, Fred" appears on a list of mutants which Mystique scrolls through on Stryker's computer while looking for Magneto's file.
  • The Blob is played by Kevin Durand in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fred Dukes was once part of Team X, composed of himself, James Howlett, Victor Creed, William Stryker, David North, Chris Bradley, John Wraith, and Wade Wilson. After the team disbands, according to Wraith, the once-muscular and formidable mutant soldier developed an eating disorder and became extremely obese; Wraith now has him in training to lose weight and become a boxer. Wraith warns Logan not to make fun of his weight, but Logan taunts Dukes, and when he calls him "Bub", Dukes mishears it as "blob" and starts fighting him. Dukes' mass absorbs Logan's blows, giving Dukes the upper hand until he accidentally stuns himself with a head-butt to Logan's adamantium-reinforced skull, allowing Logan to knock him out by slamming his elbow onto Dukes' head. Once revived, Dukes reveals that Creed and Stryker are working together, capturing mutants and experimenting on them, having allegedly learned the information from Agent Zero. In a deleted scene included in the DVD release, it is revealed that Creed managed to subdue Dukes and interrogated him for information on Logan's whereabouts ..

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