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Gladiator (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Gladiator (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Gladiator (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Gladiator is a fictional Character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics...More about Gladiator (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Keep reading !!

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Powers and Abilities (Gladiator)

Gladiator possesses a number of superhuman capabilities as a result of his unique alien physiology including superhuman strength (capable of shattering a planet), superhuman speed, stamina and durability (capable of withstanding an explosion equivalent to a supernova); reflexes; heat vision (stated as "hotter than a star"); frost breath and is capable of warp speed flight (measured as "a hundred times the speed of light"). Gladiator's abilities increase and decrease in accordance with his level of confidence and he is vulnerable to a certain form of rare radiation.

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In Other Media (Television/Video Games)

  • Gladiator appears in the animated television series X-Men: The Animated Series, first appearing as part of the Phoenix Saga in Season 3, Episode 5, "Cry of the Banshee".
  • Gladiator appears in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by Dave Wittenberg. He is among the Imperial Guard that works for Deathbird after she overthrew Lilandra, and the only Guard member fought who did not betray Lilandra; he is merely loyal to the throne rather than an individual. He has special dialogue with Iceman and Sabretooth (whom he mistakes for Wolverine). He can only be defeated by activating equipment around the battle area, thus weakening his invulnerability and giving the player the chance to hurt him.

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