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Shanna the She-Devil (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Shanna the She-Devil (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Shanna the She-Devil (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Shanna the She-Devil is a fictional (Character) jungle adventuress in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Carole Seuling and penciler George Tuska, she made her first appearance in Shanna the She-Devil (Dec. 1972) and was ranked 53rd in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list. More about Shanna the She-Devil (Marvel Comics) Character Review - keep reading !!

Fictional Character Biography

Shanna O'Hara, Lady Plunder is the daughter of a diamond miner named Gerald O'Hara. Born in Africa, she spent the majority of her childhood growing up in the jungles of Zaire. At the age of six, her father went to kill a rogue leopard that belonged to her mother, Patricia O'Hara. While hunting for the leopard, Shanna's father accidentally killed her mother. This traumatic incident led to Shanna's lifelong crusade against the use of firearms. After the incident, Shanna moved back to the United States to live with relatives. Shanna grows up to become an accomplished Olympic athlete, specializing in competitive swimming and track and field. She then became a licensed veterinarian.

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After completing college, Shanna began to work for the Central Park Municipal Zoo in New York City as a zoologist. While working at the zoo, Shanna raised many animals, including a female leopard named Julani. During this period another shock to her system came when Julani was shot and killed by a zoo guard. The following day, the zoo director proposes Shanna take Julani's cubs, Ina and Biri — Yoruba names meaning "bright" and "black", respectively — to the Dahomey Reserve in Africa.

While in Africa, Shanna becomes more attuned to nature, patrolling the jungle and living freely in the wild lands. She begins to wear Julani's fur pelt as a sight-and-sense cue to help with the raising of the cubs. In the jungle, Shanna becomes more and more at home with herself and her new native element, all the while protecting the reserve from poachers as Shanna the She-Devil.

During her stay in Africa, her father is kidnapped by the Mandrill. Shanna searches for him until the wizard Malgato kidnaps her to the Savage Land, a prehistoric jungle within Antarctica. She escapes with the help of Lord Kevin Plunder, a.k.a. the jungle lord Ka-Zar. Shanna returns to Africa to look for her father, and learns he was killed by the Mandrill. Seeking revenge, she goes to North America to aid Daredevil and Black Widow in stopping the Mandrill and Nekra's plan to overthrow the American government.

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After this, Shanna travels between San Francisco and the Savage Land, finally returning to Africa only to find Ina and Biri have been killed by a religious cult leader named Raga-Shah. After a short grieving period in North America, Shanna tracks and kills Raga-Shah by feeding him to her python Ananta. Around this time, she begins therapy with psychologist Dr. Dorothy Betz.

Shanna returned to the Savage Land and became Ka-Zar's lover. They discovered their lost world was only part of a larger realm, Pangea, filled with wondrous races. The couple's relationship was tempestuous: Shanna married Mele of the Botor who died in a hunting accident while with Ka-Zar. Shanna was also targeted by the demonic Belasco (who felt she resembled his lost love Beatrice).

When Ka-Zar was seemingly killed while they were in New York, a distraught Shanna rampaged, was institutionalized, and nearly romanced Peter Parker. Shanna was rescued by a revived Ka-Zar, aided by Spider-Man, and the two returned to Antarctica, where they were married despite interference from Belasco and others. They employed the native warrior woman Zhira as nanny and protector of their son Matthew.

They survived the temporary destruction of the Savage Land by Terminus and its later re-creation by the High Evolutionary and Garokk.

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Shanna briefly attained a mystical bond to the spirit of Africa, foiling Sir Guy Cross-Wallace who slaughtered and consumed wildlife, seeking the bond himself to rule the continent. Shanna was also briefly given power over the natural world by the High Evolutionary. Together, Ka-Zar and Shanna fight to preserve the Savage Land from external threats and from pollution by technology.

Shanna and Ka-Zar find Skrulls mining the rare metal vibranium in the Savage Land. Soon afterward as part of the "Secret Invasion" storyline, a Skrull ship crashes in the Savage Land releasing earlier versions of modern superheroes (who claim to be the originals replaced by Skrulls for some time), and who have escaped. Shanna and Ka-Zar soon learn however, that these are simply more Skrulls in disguise.

Spider-Man soon encounters Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu, and some of the natives accusing them of being Skrulls. Just then, the Captain America from the ship attacked thinking the same for Spider-Man. Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu help Spider-Man fight the Captain America from the ship until it is hit by a dart that causes it to regress to a Skrull named Pit'o Nilli. Shanna then kills Pit'o Nilli. Shanna stays behind with Zabu to fight off anymore Skrulls left in the Savage Land while Ka-Zar heads with the New Avengers and the Mighty Avengers to New York to fight the Skrulls.

Ka-Zar and Shanna later encounter the return of the Ethereals and end up fighting them when it comes to the Ethereals wanting the tribes of the Savage Land to be united with them.

As part of the Marvel NOW! event in the pages of Savage Wolverine, Shanna the She-Devil agreed to be a guide to a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were venturing to a mysterious island within the Savage Land. A damping field was located on the island, causing their transport to crash land. Stranded on the island, Shanna and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attempts to flee by sea, but were stopped by monsters living the ocean. They then decided to find and destroy the source of the damping field, creating a bomb to do so.

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Unfortunately for Shanna, the Neanderthals on the island killed all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents before they could destroy the machine. At the same time, Wolverine crashed on the island. Wolverine and Shanna the She-Devil set out to destroy the machine and encounter heavy Neanderthal resistance. During the fight against the Neanderthals, Shanna the She-Devil ends up killed by one of the Neanderthals. Luckily for Wolverine, Amadeus Cho was also on the island and convinced the Neanderthals that he was their god and to help Shanna the She-Devil. Using the life blood of a Man-Thing that was native to the Savage Land, the Neanderthal tribe resurrected Shanna the She-Devil. This left Shanna the She-Devil connected to the very life force of the Savage Land, giving her supernatural power.

Amadeus Cho told Shanna the She-Devil what the Neanderthal natives had explained to him. The machine powering the damping field was also powering a prison, one holding an ancient hostile alien presence. Realizing that Wolverine would be releasing this creature, Shanna the She-Devil raced to stop him. She arrived in time with Amadeus Cho right behind her and was able to stop Wolverine. Suddenly, Hulk appeared before them.

Powers and Abilities (Shanna the She-Devil)

Shanna is gifted with Olympic-class athleticism along with extraordinary agility. She is a well-trained veterinarian, with the capability of being close to wild animals. Shanna is adept at hunting and gathering, healing and tracking. She is an experienced fighter, familiar with knives, spears, bows and arrows and other primitive forms of weapons. She has Olympic athlete-level strength: naturally excelling at swimming, diving, climbing, leaping, and running with great speed and determination.

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After her resurrection, Shanna is tied into the life force of the Savage Land. She also instinctively knows the languages and history of the Savage Land and its people. Shanna also now possesses the strength of ten men. She was able to run 52 miles per hour over uneven terrain.

In Other Media (Television)

  • Shanna the She-Devil appeared in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "7 Little Superheroes", voiced by Janet Waldo. However, she was referred to as Shanna the Jungle Queen rather than the She-Devil. She alongside Spider-Man, Iceman, Firestar, Captain America, Namor, and Doctor Strange are invited to Wolf Island where Chameleon ends up hunting them.
  • Shanna the She-Devil appears in the X-Men TV series, voiced by Megan Smith. She is seen as Ka-Zar's wife and was first seen being chased by and later hypnotized by Sauron. She is seen later on as one of the prisoners of Mister Sinister. Shanna is present as Ka-Zar welcomes Karl Lykos into his tribe following Garokk's defeat.

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