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Annihilus (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Annihilus (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Annihilus (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Annihilus is a fictional Character in Marvel Comics' Marvel Universe. In 2009, Annihilus was ranked as IGN's 94th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. More about Annihilus (Marvel Comics) Character Review - keep reading !!

Fictional Character Biography

Annihilus first encountered the Fantastic Four when they entered the Negative Zone seeking anti-particles needed to treat Sue's cosmic ray-related pregnancy complications. Annihilus' minions captured the heroes, but they escaped, stealing his Control Rod. They returned it after siphoning off the needed anti-particles and returned to Earth.

Annihilus was challenged by Janus the Nega-Man, a research scientist, who developed a module capable of harnessing antimatter energy within the Negative Zone. Annihilus defeated Janus, forcing the Nega-Man to lead him to Earth, but Janus was instead seemingly killed in the exploding atmosphere where matter meets antimatter. Annihilus nearly crossed over to Earth through one of Mister Fantastic's portals, but was driven back by the Avengers. Annihilus battled the Frightful Four, and once again attempted to escape the Negative Zone, but was foiled by Spider-Man and the Human Torch.

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Sensing great power within Franklin Richards, Annihilus abducted him, along with the Fantastic Four, Medusa, Wyatt Wingfoot, and Agatha Harkness into the Negative Zone. He used a machine to prematurely release the child's full power potential, hoping to transfer the expended energies into himself. The Four defeated Annihilus and escaped back to Earth. Annihilus later allied with Mr Fantastic against the Mad Thinker.

Blastaar, a fellow Negative Zone warlord, stole the Control Rod and left Annihilus to die. Desperate, Annihilus tried to escape to Earth. He was defeated by the Avengers and Fantastic Four before returning to the Negative Zone. He was revived by Blastaar and regained his Control Rod.

Annihilus attacked the dimension of Asgard, home of the Norse Gods, but was repelled by King Odin. Annihilus later kidnapped a sleeping Odin, transporting him to the Negative Zone to steal his power. Annihilus was defeated by Thunderstrike.

Soon after, Annihilus and Blastaar joined forces with fellow Negative Zone warlord Syphonn. During a confrontation with Adam Warlock, Annihilus and Blastaar betrayed Syphonn, allowing him to be defeated.

Powers and Abilities (Annihilus)

Annihilus is capable of self-propelled flight and can withstand the vacuum of space. He wears "armor"—actually an insectoid exoskeleton with some armored components—that grants him resistance to most forms of injury (extreme temperatures, ballistic force, bullets, etc.)

He is also superhumanly strong.

Annihilus wields the Cosmic Control Rod, a weapon of great power. It allows him to manipulate cosmic energy in order to manipulate the molecular structure of matter. The rod is capable of projecting vast amounts of destructive energy and concussive force. Continuous exposure to the cosmic energies of the rod has also retarded the aging process of its wielder, making Annihilus virtually immortal. Though not always engaging himself in direct combat, Annihilus has proved to be a formidable opponent, and was able to defeat the Thing, Thor, Nova Prime, Quasar and Blastaar in individual fights with relative ease. Annihilus also sometimes wields energy pistols based on Tyannan technology that he has modified.

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In Annihilation: Nova, Annihilus killed Quasar, and gained his Quantum Bands, adding to Annihilus' power. By using these in combination with most of his stored power reserves Annihilus was able to withstand a massive blast from Galactus in the Annihilation series. While the blast destroyed his entire army, along with several solar systems, Annihilus was able to survive.

He also leads an elite personal guard, the Centurions, 200 superpowered aliens, each from a different Negative Zone world. They are extremely loyal to him and form a devastatingly effective army.

In Other Media (Television)

  • Annihilus appears in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "The Prison Plot."
  • Annihilus appears in the 1994 Fantastic Four episode "Behold the Negative Zone."
  • Annihilus appears in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes.
  • Annihilus appears in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "Double Negation at the World's End."
  • Annihilus appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode, "Assault on 42."

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