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Iron Patriot (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Iron Patriot (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Iron Patriot (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Iron Patriot is the name of a fictional (Character) powered exoskeleton in Marvel Comics. More about Iron Patriot (Marvel Comics) Character Review - keep reading !!

Fictional History

Iron Patriot I - The original Iron Patriot armor was donned by Norman Osborn during the Dark Reign storyline when he establishes his own Avengers as an amalgam between Captain America and Iron Man. As Iron Patriot, Osborn exerts his authority as the 'commander' of H.A.M.M.E.R.. But was increasingly jeopardized by various superheroes like when Iron Patriot was tricked into attacking Tony Stark in his original Iron Man armor while suffering from brain damage at the time to show his brutally assaulting a man physically and mentally incapable of even attempting to strike back, and when the New Avengers used Iron Patriot's tracking device on Luke Cage as a trick to blow up his own house.

During his invasion of Thor's Asgard (on the claim as a national security threat), Osborn uses his Iron Patriot armor to fight with Steve Rogers. But in the middle of the fight, Stark removes the Iron Patriot armor remotely, revealing Osborn's green facepaint with yellow eyes to create a goblin-like look. He tells them they are all dead as the Void is released. During the Void's rampage, Osborn knocks out Rogers and tries to escape but is captured by Volstagg of the Warriors Three. When Stark and Thor incarcerate Osborn to the Raft penitentiary, he blames his Green Goblin alter-ego for ruining his chance to protect the world as Iron Patriot.

Iron Patriot (Marvel Comics) Character Review - 1

Iron Patriot II - The second Iron Patriot appears during the Marvel NOW! event. The Iron Patriot armor is seen at a weapons expo that Daisy Johnson and Nick Fury, Jr. were attending. During the attack by A.I.M. and their fight with the Secret Avengers, Andrew Forson of A.I.M.'s High Council takes the opportunity to steal the Iron Patriot armor. The Iron Patriot armor was replicated and its low-level A.I. was grown considerably, creating an army of sentient drones which A.I.M. used to incriminate the United States in numerous international attacks. S.H.I.E.L.D. sent Hulk to destroy an army of Iron Patriot droids that were going to attack Iran, and they were successfully disabled by Hulk. Later, Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. met James Rhodes to discuss about the armor.

Rhodes later wore an armor that is patterned after the Iron Patriot armor when he attempts to apprehend Gambit after he steals one of Iron Man's old suits of armor. James ends up letting Gambit go after learning that he needed the technology to save the life of one of his friends.

Powers and Abilities (Iron Patriot)

The Iron Patriot armor utilized a version of Iron Man's armor painted in the colors of the American flag like Captain America. The armor featured superhuman strength, enhanced durability, flight, magnetic impact blasts, heat seeking missiles, miniaturized lasers, flamethrowers, and a communications system housed in his helmet which allowed him to interface with any U.S.-controlled satellite or computer network.

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While the Iron Man armors utilized repulsor technology, Osborn's Iron Patriot design does not. Since Stark destroyed all but one repulsor, "Oz is too stupid" to make his own repulsor-based weapons system. The star shaped Uni Beam projector on his chest because of its shape has a less powerful output..

In Other Media (Film/Movie)

  • In Iron Man 3, the Iron Patriot armor is an upgrade of James Rhodes' War Machine armor. In the film, Rhodes is asked by the President of the United States to take on the Iron Patriot identity to be used as the US government's "American hero" symbol in response to the events that occurred in The Avengers. The armor is briefly stolen by Advanced Idea Mechanics and used by Eric Savin to abduct the President but Rhodes is able to recover the armor.

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