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Aurora (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Aurora (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Aurora (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) is a fictional Character, a Canadian superheroine in the Marvel Comics universe. She is the twin sister of Northstar and the former lover of Sasquatch. She has also been in a relationship with Wild Child. More about Aurora (Marvel Comics) Character Review - keep on reading ok !!

Fictional Character Biography

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada. She and her twin brother Jean-Paul were separated in infancy after their parents died. Jean-Paul was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Martin, who were cousins of his mother. The Martins could not afford to adopt Jeanne-Marie as well and arranged for Jeanne-Marie to be raised at Madame DuPont's School for Girls in LaVelle, Quebec, a reactionary religious school. Soon afterward, the Martins moved to Northern Quebec. The Martins were killed in an accident several years later and Jean-Paul was placed in a foster home, unaware that he had a sister.

Aurora (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Fly into the Sky

Extremely nervous and introverted, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier was miserable at Madame DuPont's School and at the age of thirteen, she attempted suicide by throwing herself from the roof of one of the school's buildings. Instead of falling to her death, Beaubier discovered that she could fly at great speed. Unaware that she was a mutant, the deeply religious Beaubier believed that her flight was the result of a divine miracle. The next morning, she explained to the school's headmistress what she believed had happened. Believing the young girl to be guilty of blasphemy, the headmistress had Beaubier severely disciplined. This incident (and possibly other abuse) triggered a dissociative identity disorder in Jeanne-Marie; a second personality, extroverted and far more uninhibited, emerged. Under the influence of this second personality, Beaubier secretly left the school that same night. Returning three days later, she had no memory of where she had been or what she had done and she was again physically punished. The resulting trauma was so great that Beaubier repressed her second personality.

Powers and Abilities (Aurora)

Aurora has the powers of flight and superhuman speed and reflexes (theoretically able to approach light-speed. This has never been attempted since if any being or amount of matter were to approach the speed of light in our solar system, it would wreak devastating havoc on the gravitational forces holding our system together). The greater her increase in speed, the more durable her body becomes, but this ability has not been measured.

Aurora (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Her face..??

She also has super-human levels of endurance and stamina that allows her to maintain her super-speed. In an early issue of Alpha Flight, Northstar reveals to readers that Aurora has greater endurance and can fly longer, while he can fly faster in the same period of time. Her strength and reaction time are above-average for a woman of her age and exercise level, however, Aurora usually doesn't rely on her physical strength while battling opponents and, instead, uses super-speed tricks, like flying with someone at great speed until they pass out from lack of oxygen or pummeling them with hundreds of punches a second until they succumb. Aurora also uses her super speed to perform stunts such as creating a cyclone by running in circles, running up walls and across water, and she could breathe while traveling at subsonic speeds.

Originally, while in physical contact with her brother, usually while holding hands, the pair could emit bursts of brilliant white light with an average flash equal in intensity of one million candela (one candela being equal to the amount of light created by one candle). It was generally used to blind their opponents, but with the minor drawback that they were not able to control its intensity. Yet after a serious falling-out with her brother, she had her powers altered by Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch), her lover at the time, to enable her to produce light independently, although, while still being blinding, with much less intensity. It also significantly limited her speed to that of one to two times the speed of sound.

It was later revealed that due to a side effect of the treatment, if she and her brother had even the briefest physical contact that it would "cancel out" both of their abilities for a brief period and sometimes created a physical, incapacitating shock. The treatment had the added bonus of "cloaking" her from mutant-detection devices, such as the Sentinels, allowing her more of a chance of living a normal life, free from persecution. After the events in Asgard, her post-treatment bursts of light now had the added ability to temporarily bestow inner peace to all who saw it, but it is not known if she has retained this new power.

It appears the treatment was undone in recent years, returning her abilities to their original state. Due to the machinations of Serafina, it appears that Aurora and Northstar can now generate explosive thermal energy on contact with each other as well.

Aurora (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Fly again

Aurora is moderately skilled in hand-to-hand combat using a style utilizing her superhuman speed, and received coaching from Puck and Wolverine.

Aurora's powers alter in various ways when her different personalities are dominant.

In Other Media (Television)

  • Aurora appeared in the X-Men animated series episodes "Slave Island" and "Repo Man" voiced by Jennifer Dale. In the cartoon, Aurora possessed the ability to fly and generate a blinding light when she slapped hands with her brother Northstar.

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