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Jackal (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Jackal (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Jackal (Marvel Comics) Character Review

The Jackal is a fictional Character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics - More about Jackal (Marvel Comics) Character Review...keep reading !!!

Fictional Character Biography

Miles Warren was a professor of biology at Empire State University. There, he met Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. During his tenure there, Warren secretly fell in love with the much younger Stacy. After Stacy was murdered by the original Green Goblin, Warren swore vengeance on Spider-Man, falsely believing it was the superhero who caused her death, not realizing that the Green Goblin had the motives to kill her. Gwen's death drove Warren into depression and despair, which drove him further into insanity as a mad geneticist who eventually became the Jackal. Miles also had a brother named Raymond, who was a science teacher at Peter Parker's high school and introduced Peter to Miles.

Origin of the Jackal

The day after the death of Gwen Stacy, Warren's lab assistant, Anthony Serba, revealed that he had successfully cloned a frog using their Research technology. Warren secretly gave Serba tissue samples of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker, stating to Serba these were only rat cells. Sometime later, Serba confronts Warren, stating that the tissue samples he was asked to clone were indeed human and that they must be destroyed immediately. Panicking, Warren attempts to cover Serba's mouth to shut him up, accidentally suffocating him. Unable to accept responsibility for his action, Warren resorts to his alter ego dubbing himself "The Jackal", which he took after overhearing a professor describing a jackal as a "cowardly predator". This also was something Warren further develops his alter ego by fashioning a green suit and training himself athletically. It was later revealed that Kaine was the first successful attempt at cloning Peter Parker, despite suffering from a slow cloning degeneration and having regenerative abilities to elude death several times.

The Jackal's hatred for Spider-Man manifested by his belief that he is solely responsible for allowing Gwen Stacy, whom he loved, to die at the hands of the Green Goblin. He initially harasses Spider-Man numerous times, setting him up against various other adversaries and manipulating these Spider-Man foes into his plans. Warren allied himself with the Punisher against Spider-Man, but his alliance with the Punisher was quickly dissolved when it was revealed that Jackal was manipulating him. Jackal's next attempts were to incite a gang war between Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus. Later, the Jackal equipped wrestler Maxwell Markham with the costume and powerful exoskeleton of the Grizzly and sent him to assassinate newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson. The Jackal then held Peter Parker hostage in a scheme to trap Spider-Man. Sometime after, he became aware of Spider-Man's identity and set out in his next major agenda.

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 Meanwhile, his early cloning experiments had a variation of results—out of his numerous attempts to clone Peter Parker, only one was a perfect copy of the original. He also created two clones of himself, one a direct copy, the other a modified clone harboring the Carrion virus who would surface later. His most prized creation, however, was what he perceived was a perfect copy of Gwen Stacy. Realizing the end of his plan was near, the Jackal battled Spider-Man with the assistance of the original Tarantula. The Jackal beat and drugged Spider-Man unconscious and transported him to Shea Stadium, where he was set to do battle with the perfect Spider-Man clone while holding Daily Bugle reporter Ned Leeds hostage. The two Spider-Men fought, until the Gwen Stacy clone tore off the Jackal's mask and confronted him on his crimes. A subsequent explosion of a bomb the Jackal had placed killed the Jackal and apparently the Spider-Man clone.

Powers and Abilities (Jackal)

After regeneration, Miles Warren had the strength, speed and agility of a jackal, amplified to super-human levels. Miles Warren was a genius in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and cloning, and was a talented gymnast and martial artist. As revealed in Spider-Island, he is unaffected by the worldwide mind purging (comics) of Spider-Man's identity.

In Other Media (Video Games)

Jackal appears in the PlayStation 2 and PSP versions of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows voiced by Greg Baldwin. He is in alliance with Spencer Smythe and is his double agent when Spider-Man encounters Jackal on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. After being defeated, Jackal gives Spider-Man a serum that will enhance his symbiotic suit before he gets away. Jackal later steals the Sonic Emitter from the top of Fisk Tower and gets away as Spencer Smythe unleashes Black Cat on Spider-Man. Spider-Man encounters him in Central Park where he has made modifications to the Sonic Emitter so that he can control the symbiotes. Spider-Man defeats him and programs the Sonic Emitter to destroy the symbiotes.

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