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Nova (Richard Rider) Character Review

Nova (Richard Rider) Character Review

Nova (Richard Rider) Character Review

Nova (Richard Rider) is a fictional Character, a comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. Upon becoming a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova Corps, he gained superpowers including enhanced strength, flight, and resistance to injury. He also wears a specialized uniform with life support...More about Nova (Richard Rider) Character Review - keep reading !!!

In May 2011, Nova placed 98th on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time.

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Powers and Abilities (Nova)

Nova derives his powers from an energy source called the Nova Force which all Nova Corps Centurions wield. This energy was transferred by Xandarian technology to Rider by the Nova-Centurion Rhomann Dey. Nova's small measure of the Nova Force gives him superhuman powers including flight, superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as the power to absorb energy directed against him and release it as gravimetric pulses and beams, either from specific parts of his body or from his entire body. Nova is a good hand-to-hand combatant, and has been coached by Chord.

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Nova wears a standard Xandarian StarCorps uniform, designed to accommodate his powers without being damaged by them. The uniform is highly resistant to damage, including outer space conditions, and is airtight. In addition, the uniform has a built-in life support function that can sustain Rider under the most extreme environmental conditions, including acting as a life-support suit by locking off the mouth and eyes of the helmet. The helmet contains a radio telescopic sights, night vision sensors, and heat imaging sensors, as well as a visual heads-up display for tracking energy signatures.

 Nova's helmet has a rigid construction and shape when worn, but becomes as malleable as cloth when it is not, allowing Rider to hide it in his civilian clothes when desired. Nova's uniform is not only extremely malleable; it is also designed with specific weapons and functions to aid Rider in his role as a Nova Corps Centurion. Among these features are an electromagnetic discharge that can nullify gravity and access to StarGates that allow him to enter hyperspace, where he can move at velocities exceeding the speed of light. Rider can also alter the appearance and nature of his uniform to suit his needs. However, as Rider learns the hard way, the StarCorps keeps a strict dress code. When he makes major cosmetic changes to his uniform after rejoining the New Warriors, Nova is summarily ordered to conform to standard.

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During Annihilation, Rider's uniform is altered and enhanced to house the Xandarian Worldmind as well as the entire Nova Force, which was previously used by all members of the Nova Corps. With the Worldmind and the Nova Force, Rider possesses tremendously augmented strength and durability as well as nearly limitless quantities of energy. The Worldmind consists of the entire culture and history of Xandar as well as the individual minds of thousands of years of dead Xandarians. The consensus voice of the Worldmind can speak directly to Rider, helping him to control the nova force, fight enemies, sense energy, interface with electronics, and protect against psionic abilities. The Worldmind can also assume direct control of Rider's body when he is asleep.

Reception and Legacy

IGN ranked Nova as the 98th greatest comic book character, calling Nova a blend of Spider-Man and Green Lantern. They also stated that Nova experiences a growth into maturity through the Annihilation Wave storyline where Nova embraced his destiny as a premier defender of a battered galaxy.

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In Other Media (Television)

  • Nova appears as a background cameo in the Silver Surfer episode "Learning Curve Part 1".
  • Nova appears in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "So Pretty When They Explode", voiced by Jason Marsden.

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