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Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) is a fictional Character, a superheroine in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Marvel Spotlight (cover-dated Feb. 1977), and 50 issues of an ongoing series titled Spider-Woman followed. At its conclusion she was killed, and though later resurrected in an Avengers story arc, she fell into disuse, supplanted by other characters using the name Spider-Woman.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis added Spider-Woman to the roster of the high profile New Avengers. In 2009, the character received her own self-titled limited series - More about Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review...Keep reading !!

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Fictional Character Biography

Origin - Jessica Miriam Drew, daughter of Jonathan and Merriam Drew, was born in London, England. At a young age, her family moved to a lab built by her father and Herbert Wyndham near Mount Wundagore in Transia, where she became gravely ill from months of uranium exposure. To save her life, her father injected her with an experimental serum based on irradiated spiders' blood. Because the serum required a month's incubation, Wyndham placed her in a genetic accelerator. Shortly after, her mother died and her father left for the U.S.A., leaving Wyndham to care for her. While in the accelerator, she aged at a decelerated rate. When she was finally released, decades later, Drew was only 17 years old.

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Scream

Drew was ostracized by the other residents of Mount Wundagore, the High Evolutionary's New Men, since she was originally human while they were animals. Because of this, she eventually left to seek human civilization. She was captured by a HYDRA reserve unit under the leadership of Count Otto Vermis, who erased her memories, brainwashed her, and recruited her as a HYDRA agent under the codename Arachne.  One of HYDRA's top agents, Jared, was assigned to train her in combat and espionage, and to seduce her. Once Jessica had become his lover, he allowed himself to be captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., so that she could be goaded into assassinating S.H.I.E.L.D. commander Nick Fury.

While battling Fury, Jessica accidentally killed Jared and learned HYDRA's true nature. She quit HYDRA and assaulted the unit's base, sending Count Vermis into a fatal crash, but not before he unlocked memory implants that she was actually an evolved spider and had killed a man before her association with HYDRA.  Despondent from these revelations, she wandered the woods where Vermis had crashed until being recaptured and hypnotised by HYDRA..

Spider-Woman: Origin - Origin does away with the spider-blood serum and genetic accelerator elements of the character's previous origin story. Instead, Jessica's powers derive from her mother's womb being hit by a laser beam containing the DNA traits of several different species of spiders while she was carrying Jessica (the Drews were trying to splice and harness spiders' environmental adaptive capabilities, in order to graft them into the human genome).

After Jessica's parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Jessica was recruited into HYDRA (under false pretenses), where she was made into a formidable fighter/assassin. She was trained and mentored by Taskmaster, who schooled her in many martial disciplines and more than seven different fighting styles out of his own "arsenal".

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Scream 2

In this re-telling, Otto Vermis, who had originally recruited her into HYDRA, is rather an old, retired HYDRA agent who Jessica seduces in order to gain information that will lead her to her mother.
In addition, Origin made the following modifications:
  • Merriem Drew was now Miriam Drew.
  • The Drews moved to Wundagore Mountain prior to Jessica's conception, establishing without a doubt that she was born on the European landmark. Afterwards, she was raised by her nanny Bova (who was human in appearance), as well as her mother.
  • Jessica's father, Jonathan, never found uranium on their land. Instead, their research was funded by HYDRA, and their direct liaison/financier from the group was General Wyndham. It is not clear what connection, if any, he had with Edgar Wyndham (who in the original Spider-Woman books was Jonathan's best friend and research partner), nor with the High Evolutionary.
  • Jessica's father worked in large part with Miles Warren, who later left the project because he felt that there was more potential in experimenting with the cloning of human cells.

Spider-Woman - Now going by the name Spider-Woman, Jessica was ordered to abduct Alicia Masters, who was vacationing in London. During the resultant conflict with Masters's boyfriend Ben Grimm, she recovered from her brainwashing and joined him in saving Masters. She and Grimm then encountered Modred the Mystic, who removed HYDRA's memory implants and restored her memories.

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review - 1

Jessica moved into an apartment in London, but found it impossible to get a job due to her complete lack of background and her tendency to inspire dislike and even fear in other people. Following an aborted break-in she was unmasked by Scotland Yard officer (and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) Jerry Hunt, who became obsessed with her. During this troubled time she was approached by the mysterious sorcerer Magnus, who offered help. After defending him from Excaliber, who had been sent by Morgan Le Fay to recover the Darkhold, he suggested she relocate with him to Los Angeles. Magnus tutored her in the ways of civilization and informed her that her father had been murdered, leading her on a hunt for his killer that brought her into conflict with the criminal Brothers Grimm. She was distracted from this hunt when Morgan Le Fey's ghost again sought the Darkhold, this time in person. During the battle Hunt caught up with Jessica, and they began a romantic relationship. With his help, she identified her father's murderer, who died immediately after confessing.

 For the time, Jessica chose to keep her doings as Spider-Woman a secret. Her relationship with Hunt soured, and following a final battle with the Brothers Grimm, he and Magnus parted ways with her. For the next three months she made a hand-to-mouth living by working as a receptionist at the Hatros Institute while undergoing group therapy there. Though she ultimately lost the position due to a change in management, during her time there she received medication to suppress her pheromones so that she could move effectively among people without producing any unwanted side-effects, formed a strong friendship with fellow patient and aspiring actress Lindsay McCabe, and developed acquaintances with several other superheroes.

The next few months of Jessica's life are not covered by published stories. During this time, she went public as Spider-Woman, became a bounty hunter working in partnership with parapalegic criminologist Scotty McDowell, acquired a full wardrobe of disguises for use in her work, and found a police liaison in Captain Walsh. This situation lasted for several months. When her working relationship with Scotty failed, Jessica accepted an offer from Lindsay to move into an apartment with her in San Francisco, where she began a romantic relationship with their landlord David Ishima and set up a practice as a licensed private investigator. Her move there allowed Lindsay to deduce her secret identity; she was unbothered by the danger involved in being Spider-Woman's friend, and the shared secret deepened the friendship between them.

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review - 2

While working as a P.I., she battled Morgan Le Fey once again. Not long after that, Jessica gave up her immunity powers to save Giant-Man. Her relationship with David Ishima developed to the point where she revealed her identity as Spider-Woman to him, only to have him break up with her because he wanted to be with an ordinary woman.

Jessica traveled in astral form with Magnus to Sixth Century England to free her friends' souls in a showdown with Morgan le Fey in the 6th century. She managed to vanquish Morgan, but her human body died while her spirit was gone. At her request, Magnus placed a spell over humanity to remove all memory of Jessica's existence. However, this spell was faulty; when Tigra and the Shroud discovered Jessica's dead body, they contacted the Avengers and Doctor Strange. The Avengers and Strange traveled to the astral plane to battle Morgan Le Fay, who was trying to claim Jessica's body so she could return to the physical realm. Eventually, Doctor Strange and Magnus reunited Jessica's spirit with her human body, though Magnus's life and Jessica's powers were sacrificed to do so. She thus abandoned her Spider-Woman identity and continued her life as a private investigator in San Francisco, assisted by Lindsay McCabe and, for a time, by Tigra.

Jessica and Lindsay took a job delivering the Black Blade to Japan, but while passing through Madripoor (island) she was ensorcelled by the blade. By this time her superhuman strength and agility, and ability to cling to walls, had returned. She was freed from the blade's power by Lindsay and an underworld figure called Patch, who she immediately recognized as the X-Man Wolverine. Following the incident, she and Lindsay set up new business lodgings in Madripoor, with Patch as a frequent ally and information source. She developed a friendship with pilot Archie Corrigan, who helped her return to San Francisco, where Jessica worked to sort out her life.

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review - 3

Jessica Drew's life settled down until Charlotte Witter, a villainess going by the name of Spider-Woman, stole her powers. After the theft, Jessica returned to her life as a private investigator, and served as a teacher and mentor to Mattie Franklin, a young woman who had assumed the Spider-Woman identity. Jessica began to regain her powers at this time; while investigating two cases with Mattie, she made use of her restored superhuman strength and agility. Although she regained the bulk of her spider-powers, they were unstable. For example, her "venom blasts" worked efficiently in one fight, and then would fail her unexpectedly on another occasion.

When Mattie Franklin was drawn into a highly abusive and parasitic relationship with a New York-based drug dealer who cannibalized her tissue to make the Mutant Growth Hormone (commonly known as "MGH"), Jessica did not hesitate to investigate (despite the instability of her powers). An initial misunderstanding with local P.I. Jessica Jones who shared many surprising similarities to Drew—turned into an alliance when the women teamed up to rescue Mattie from her captors.

Powers and Abilities 

As a result of a combination of a special serum derived from spider blood and a certain radiation treatment, Jessica possesses superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, and speed. Her body generates excess bioelectricity that she can focus into "venom blasts" sufficient to stun or kill humans and blast through solid metal. She has a degree of control over the intensity of these blasts. She can also adhere to almost any surface by excreting an unknown adhesive substance from her palms and soles. Jessica is highly resistant to all poisons and drugs; a first exposure to a specific toxin will disable but not kill her, and subsequent exposures have no effect whatsoever. She is also totally immune to the harmful effects of radiation. Her body exudes a high concentration of pheromones which elicit pleasure in men while repulsing women, though she uses a chemical "perfume" that can nullify this effect. She has also demonstrated superhuman senses in her solo series.

Jessica has lost and regained her powers more than once, but has recently emerged with her powers restored greater than ever. Initially, Jessica was unable to actually fly, and had to glide with the help of web-like extensions on her costume. When she was replaced by the Skrull Queen Veranke, the latter demonstrated the ability to actually fly. Jessica, upon her return, gained this ability as well.

Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics) Character Review - With Iron Man

In addition to her powers, Jessica is also a superb hand to hand fighter, and has trained in several styles of fighting including boxing, judo, karate, and capoeira, learned under the training of the Taskmaster. She has also had training in fencing and the use of many other weapons. Jessica was trained by HYDRA (and later on by S.H.I.E.L.D.) in covert operations, stealth, espionage, and information gathering and is a superb athlete. She speaks several foreign languages, including Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Jessica also received vocational training in undercover detective work and sometimes carried a Walther PPK handgun.

In Other Media

  • Spider-Woman was among the ten Marvel characters on a set of Marvel Comics Super Heroes commemorative postage-stamps that were issued in 2007.
  • Spider-Woman motion comics have also been made as part of the Marvel Knights Animated line, based on the series written by Brian Michael Bendis. They are called Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D. and came out June 14, 2011. In the series, Jessica Drew has an English accent and is voiced by actress Nicolette Reed.

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