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Lady Bullseye (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Lady Bullseye (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Lady Bullseye (Marvel Comics) Character Review

Lady Bullseye is a fictional Character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe. A female counterpart of Bullseye, she was created by Ed Brubaker, Marko Djurdjevic, and Clay Mann, first appearing in Daredevil #111. More about Lady Bullseye (Marvel Comics) Character Review - keep on reading !!

Fictional Character Biography

Born in Japan, the young girl (it has not been revealed whether Maki Matsumoto is her birth name, or an assumed one) who would become Lady Bullseye was imprisoned by the Yakuza, who planned to sell her and many others into sexual slavery. However, Bullseye, on an unrelated errand, arrived to slaughter the mobsters. The sight of Bullseye effortlessly killing her captors inspired the girl to escape and become a killer.

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Years later, now in the employ of the Hand, the famous ninja order, she arrives in New York, to take the lead in Hand ninja-lord Hiroshi's plan. However, she has demonstrated little tolerance for the Hand's ritual, interrupting some in order to catch her enemies, who are used to those traditions, off-guard. She kills and resurrects both White Tiger (Angela Del Toro) and Black Tarantula to assist her.

At the same time, it has been revealed that in her civilian guise she is a lawyer, targeting Daredevil by assisting the parents of Murdock's mentally-ill wife Milla Donovan in gaining custody of her. When one of her associates discovers this, she kills him to prevent the Hand from learning the truth. Hiroshi claims that all she has done has been according to his will. Lady Bullseye offers Daredevil the leadership of the Hand, which he refuses. The organization regroups to Spain, preparing to initiate "Plan B". There, she finds The Kingpin, trying to live a normal civilian life, and killing his new girlfriend and her kids, and brutally stabbing Kingpin, telling him that this is a message for Matt Murdock.

It turns out that Matsumoto's real goal was to take the leadership of the Hand herself, something she had been promised by Daredevil's ally Master Izo, who was revealed to have trained her. However, Izo was lying, and instead intended for Daredevil himself to take that post and reform the Hand. This occurring, Daredevil had Lady Bullseye cast out of the Hand for being untrustworthy. Angry, she vowed to kill Izo.

Lady Bullseye (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Daredevil Vs Lady Bullseye

Subsequently, she is shown to now be allied with the Kingpin against Daredevil, instigating a conflict between Daredevil and Norman Osborn, which ultimately leads to Daredevil declaring Hell's Kitchen the territory of the Hand.

She was hired by an as yet unknown party to temporarily injure Pepper Potts with a compressed air rifle.

Powers and Abilities (Lady Bullseye)

Lady Bullseye has no apparent superhuman powers, but is a master of several martial arts, and has been shown proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and using both a katana and shuriken. It has been noted that she is faster than both Bullseye and the Kingpin. However she is also less powerful. Daredevil has commented that in her costumed form she has little scent and a very level pulse, akin to one performing yoga. She is also skilled in legal matters, being a lawyer in her civilian guise.

Lady Bullseye (Marvel Comics) Character Review - Daredevil and Lady Bullseye

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