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American Dream Character Review

American Dream Character Review

American Dream Character Review

American Dream (Shannon Carter) is a fictional Character featured in Marvel Comics MC2 series A-Next. Her costume is very similar to that of Captain America and like him she has an indestructible metal shield. She appeared as a civilian in A-Next #1, and was named as "Shannon" in A-Next #3; it was not until A-Next #4 that she appeared in costume, as a prospective team member. More about American Dream Character Review - keep on reading !!

American Dream has since appeared in two mini-series, her own in May 2008 and a second in June 2011, Captain America Corps.

Fictional Character Biography

The niece of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, Shannon Carter grew up idolizing Captain America. She was hired by Edwin Jarvis as a tour guide for the Avengers Headquarters, at that time functioning only as a museum. When the new Avengers team was formed, she was determined to join. She wears a costume based on Captain America's and carries on her arms disc weapons resembling miniature versions of his shield. Her strength and agility are honed by intensive physical training. After joining the team as the American Dream, Shannon soon proved herself to be an effective Avenger, and when the team saved the original Avengers from a dark parallel world, Captain America himself judged her worthy to wield the shield of the alternate Captain. She also proved to be an important character in defeating Galactus in the Last Planet Standing limited series. She along with Stinger and Spider-Girl took down Galactus from the inside. They survived the imminent explosion by shrinking to microscopic size.

American Dream Character Review - Fight !!

Carter is the leader of the "Dream Team" comprising herself, Bluestreak, Crimson Curse and Freebooter. All members of the Dream Team became members of the new Avengers team in A-Next #4. American Dream is also an ally of Spider-Girl, Earth Sentry, Blacklight, Coal Tiger, Argo and Captain America.

American Dream has fought against the Sons of the Serpent, Seth, the Revengers, Fatal Force and Loki.

Powers and Abilities (American Dream)

Although a non-powered human, American Dream is in peak physical condition and is a skilled martial artist. She has disc weapons similar to Ricochet's and has superb aim. She now also carries a version of Captain America's shield, which she uses both defensively and offensively to great effect. Her fighting skills are matched by her leadership ability.

In Other Media

American Dream is a playable character in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, voiced by Tara Strong.

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